Gym Rules

We get it. Rules can be a bit boring. But we just need to run a few things by you before we can send you out on your fitness journey.

The first thing to say, is welcome to the group. We’re glad to have you with us.

For the group to function as one, we all need to buy in to a few basic principles:

• Everyone in the group is allowed to know as much or as little about the gym, fitness, exercises, and complicated-looking machines. If you’ve never heard of Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts, that’s ok. If you could list 150 different quad exercises, that’s ok too. We’re open to sharing the space with gym keenos, first timers, people who are indifferent and everyone in between.

• We never mock, giggle, snigger or eye roll at fellow group members.

• We respect whether you want to work out on your own, with a mate or two, with your nan. You do you.

You’re now part of our group, there to motivate and support you, every step of the way. So however you want to enjoy the gym, do it in a way that’s respectful to the rest of the group. Have a read below of some of the other things we ask of you to keep our group happy.

General behaviour

Learning the ropes

• When you joined, we offered a comprehensive induction to teach you how to use the gym equipment. Our advice would be to make sure you have done this induction as we get that it’s not always easy to figure out how to use the equipment, but don’t worry, our super knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to help. Bookings can be made via the members area on The Gym Group website.

• Any members who are under 18 will receive an online induction, and this must be done before using the gym. It’s worth remembering that your PIN or QR code will not be activated until you’ve completed the induction.

• If you are a wheelchair user, disabled or have a health condition that affects your ability to enjoy the facilities, we require you to have completed an induction at one of our gyms to ensure your safety and run through how to safely use our facilities and equipment. Again, it’s worth remembering that your PIN or QR code will not be activated until you’ve completed the induction.

• Another super important reason to do the induction is that we cannot accept any liability for any claim of personal injury if you use the gym equipment having not undertaken an induction with one of our members of staff, so be sure to get on it.

What to wear

• Clothing such as denim, boots, flip-flops/sandals, or work wear are not the right thing in our gyms simply because they’re not safe or practical. Comfy exercise attire of your choice and suitable footwear is what we’re after, and it’s important to get this right to avoid being asked to leave the gym. Please note that all members are required to wear a top whilst training, again avoiding the potential of being asked to leave the gym.

Keeping you safe

• It’s super important to remember that you cannot use the gym whilst under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, tranquilizers or any medication or other substance which may affect your ability to exercise safely. If it seems like you’re not in the right state to use the facilities properly, then we can ask you to leave.

• To keep everyone safe, you must not block or interfere with the fire/emergency or alternative access doors, or tamper with the fire extinguishers (unless in a genuine emergency).

• You should never take part in any exercise activity that may be potentially harmful to you or others including (but not limited to) sparring, boxing, martial arts or other forms of contact sport, unless under the supervision of one of the Personal Trainers (exceptions apply in some sites, please speak to your site general manager if you have any questions).

Keeping our place clean

• Go ahead and use your towel on the gym floor, but please do not leave it on the equipment.

Keeping your things safe

• We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property, so remember to keep an eye out for your own belongings when visiting the gym.

• For safety reasons, we ask you not to bring bags onto the gym floor. Feel free to use the lockers provided, but please only use them for the duration of your training session, as they will be emptied at night and your items removed to lost property. Padlocks may also be broken to gain access and will not be replaced, so all the more reason to remember to take your stuff.

• We’ll always try to return your lost property, but unfortunately can’t take responsibility for any item held there. No one wants their things donated to charity or destroyed, so make sure to claim them within a week.

Other ground rules

• The Changing Rooms will not be available for use between the hours of 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. in the morning.

• Please use the bike racks provided to park your bicycle. The charging/storing of e-scooters/bikes is not permitted on site as they pose a fire risk.

• Finally, our gyms are to exercise in, not to sleep in. We love having you here, but please make sure to leave the premises when you’re done with your workout, and we’ll see you again next time. Also, a few of our sites are not 24/7 so you must leave the premises when asked to do so at closing time.

Behaviours that can get you banned

• It’s really important to use your own PIN number or QR code every time you visit the gym. Both are personal to you, so remember not to let anyone else use them. To keep you all extra safe, we monitor PIN usage by CCTV 24/7, and any misuse may result in memberships being terminated. If you want to find out more, please see our PIN Abuse Policy.

• We want to make sure all our equipment is kept in good nick, so make sure weights are put back in their original place when you’re finished, and please do not drop them on the floor. It’s important to do this to make sure your membership isn’t terminated.

• Dignity and respect are one of the most important things to us at The Gym Group so please never behave in an aggressive, abusive, anti-social or threatening manner. We consider any act of harassment, bullying or victimisation to be in direct conflict with our culture & values. Because of the importance of this we have a separate Dignity at The Gym Group Policy and any breaches of this could result in termination of your membership immediately and we reserve the right to contact the police if we think it’s necessary.

• We have a great offering of personal trainers in our gyms but The Gym Group is not the place to engage in any unauthorised personal training business with other members, and it can lead to membership termination if anyone is found doing this.

• Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not something we want in any area of the gym. Any member found to be breach of this rule may have their membership terminated.

Photo and videos

You are welcome to take photographs and video recordings on the gym floor for your own personal use. Just make sure to stick to these rules and any extra rules displayed on the gym floor:

• Anyone who appears in your photographs or videos must be aware that you are filming them, so make sure to ask their permission first.

• If you are taking photos or recording videos of yourself in our changing rooms, please make sure you don’t capture images of another member.

• If another member feels unhappy or uncomfortable that you are filming them and makes a complaint to us, we may ask you to show us any images which you have taken in the gym and to delete them if appropriate.

• If a member of our team asks you to stop filming or taking photographs, please make sure you do.

• Please make sure you never post photographs or videos you have taken on The Gym Group premises on any social media platform with other identifiable people in them, without getting consent from the person concerned that they are happy for it to go onto social media.

* Offer available at selected sites only. See Terms & Conditions for further details. ** 24 hour access not currently available at all Gyms. Please see individual Gym pages for further details. ⨥Applicable terms, conditions and joining fees may apply. © 2024 The Gym Group.