LIVE IT. multi-site access giveaway T&Cs

Terms and Conditions – LIVE IT. Multi-site access giveaway

  • The prize of multi-site access is limited to the first 10,000 members to click on the designated buttons.  We reserve the right to offer the prize to more than 10,000 members if we choose to however we are only obligated to offer the prize to the first 10,000
  • You will be contacted directly if you have been successful and will be instructed when the multi-site access starts and finishes on your account.  It will be automatically removed at the end of the free month period.
  • The multi-site access you will be granted is identical to the access you would receive as a LIVE IT. member.  You will have the ability to choose up to 5 gyms to access at any one time and will be able to change these whenever you desire in your member area
  • For your pin-code to work in any site, you must have first selected that site as one of your chosen 5 in your member area under ‘Reciprocal access gyms’
  • Your home gym will be automatically chosen as your existing home gym and this must continue to be the gym that you use the most throughout the month.  While you will be able to access any other gym around the country, if you choose to visit a more expensive gym, more frequently than your home gym, you may incur a charge for the difference in price between the two clubs
  • You will not receive any of the other LIVE IT. benefits during this time as it is only multi-site access that is being offered as the prize
  • If you choose to cancel your membership at any point during the month, the multi-site access will also be cancelled and cannot be re-deemed again
  • You cannot delay or choose to redeem the offer at a later date than that specified by us