Small Group Training

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small groups, big progress

Want to introduce a new exercise movement into your workout? Improve your form? Gain confidence in your workout routine?

Look out for our all-new small group training, limited to 6 participants, designed to give you more time with the trainer to help you learn the basics or master the details.

Enjoy the benefits of focused attention, as our trainer fine-tunes your form, provides individualised feedback, and guides you through a workout appropriate to your fitness level.

New Classes


Learn from our experts on how to improve your workouts

Female Fitness

Women only sessions helping to build confidence in workouts

Free Weight

Learn the fundamentals of one of key free weight exercises


Your fast track to an improved range of motion

MachineBased Circuit

It's all about that heart rate, fast paced, set times & more


training exercises to enhance muscular strength & endurance

Within each of our new class offerings you will find a range to suit you

  • Education - Nutrition, Core Health, Injury Prevention & Prehab, Flexibility and Mobility

  • Female Fitness - Female Fitness, Pelvic Health and Ladies who Lift

  • Free Weight - Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press and Learn to Lift

  • Functional - Bodyweight, Kettlebells, HiiT and Functional Conditioning

  • Machine Based Circuit - Strength, Endurance, Beginner Compounds and Advanced Techniques

  • Strength - Plate Load, Dumbbell and Barbell

Empower yourself with training & advice to achieve lasting fitness changes.

Whether you are a newbie wanting to learn or an experience gym goer looking to improve your technique, each session is tailored to give you the confidence to take control of your fitness journey and come away feeling informed and inspired.

* Offer available at selected sites only. See Terms & Conditions for further details. ** 24 hour access not currently available at all Gyms. Please see individual Gym pages for further details. ⨥Applicable terms, conditions and joining fees may apply. © 2024 The Gym Group.