get hyrox ready

what is Hyrox?

If you haven’t heard already, HYROX is a fitness competition taking the world of fitness by storm. Although it’s a mass event, it gives the everyday gym-goer their own race to train for and the gym group is now here to help.

We have all the required kit to help you prepare for the power movements you will need to master, before your next HYROX event, from the power sleds, SkiErg’s to wall balls.

Classes are completely free for every body and if you are a Live it member you can access the FiiT training plans as part of your membership, so you can train even when the classes aren’t running.

here is what to expect

educating hyrox

Classes allow you to learn and familiarise yourself with the HYROX movement standards and help you exercise in the right manner to avoid bad movements and potential injuries.

target areas

They will target the body’s 3 energy systems, focusing on cardio and strength and build up your endurance allowing you to push hard.


You will learn to transition more efficiently and pace yourself to find your rhythm, control your heart rate and perform at your best.

trained instructors

Our trained HYROX instructors will teach and support you to best prepare you for the challenge ahead

where can I attend a hyrox workout class?

Currently running in the following gyms:

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