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free access to 1,000+ workouts & plans on the UK's #1 fitness app for ultimate members

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On demand workouts for free with the fiit app - worth £19.99/month!

1000s of workouts

Machines or mats. Weights or wellness. Your choice

No plan? No problem

Access training plans which help you achieve your goals

Your app. Your schedule

10, 25, 40 and 60 minute classes to suit your schedule

Work in or work out

Try a range of session designed for either in the gym or at home

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  1. Download Fiit using the links above

  2. Choose ‘Log In’ on the first screen in the Fiit app

  3. Choose ‘Sign in with The Gym Group’

  4. Use your Gym Group account email address and PIN

  5. Follow the onscreen questions to find your personalised training plan/workouts

  6. You’re in!

Not a member?

Find your nearest gym and select our top tier membership to get this benefit

expert trainers in your pocket

Some of the UK’s most sought-after trainers now live right there on that little screen of yours. They are available just when you need them with a wide variety of workouts. You can access them anywhere, at any time, and get the most in-demand instructors working for you.

suits you to a f-i-i-t

The gym is all about doing what’s right for you when you need it. With Fiit, you get 10, 25, 40 and 60 minute workouts across a range of levels from Beginner to Advanced. Midday session or a midnight workout, it’s all there just when you need it and with free Wi-Fi in our gyms, you can train in the gym, at home or on the move… whatever suits you.

over 1,000 workouts on demand

The Fiit app is packed with classes ready for you to get going. You have Circuits and HIIT for sweating it out, Strength classes for building muscle, Pilates and Yoga to get you flexible and so much more. Whatever your focus, you’ll find a class that’s right for you.

got a goal? have a plan

Got a goal in mind? The Fiit app has a plan for you. There are tailored training plans for strength, weight loss, flexibility and much more for you to follow along with. Fiit data shows that following a six week plan improves fitness by 19%. Choose the plan that matches your goal and track your progress as you go… all on the app.


As well as hundreds of classes to access from home, Fiit is also available at our Oxford Street branch, where members can use our Fiit Pods to do these workouts on a big screen, providing you with even more ways to train.

* Offer available at selected sites only. See Terms & Conditions for further details. ** 24 hour access not currently available at all Gyms. Please see individual Gym pages for further details. ⨥Applicable terms, conditions and joining fees may apply. © 2024 The Gym Group.