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membership name changes

If you have received communication regarding the name of your membership changing then please click below for specific FAQS.


  • What do I do if I have forgotten my PIN?

    Simply click here, enter a few quick details and your PIN will be emailed to you.

  • What do I do if my PIN does not work?

    If your PIN does not work and you are at the gym during staffed hours, simply ring the buzzer near the entrance portals and a member of staff will be out to support you. If you are not at the gym during staffed hours, you can contact us.

  • Can I let others use my PIN?

    No, this will result in the termination of your membership. Even if you are sharing your PIN with someone who has their own paid membership, both memberships will be terminated.

  • I’ve signed up to a gym that hasn’t opened yet, can I still use my membership?

    Unfortunately not until your home gym is open, your membership will not be active, even if you are a Ultimate member. Alternatively, you can join one of our other locations instead, and change your home gym at a later date.

  • Can I change my membership type between any of the following: Ultimate, Standard or Off-Peak?

    Yes you can change your membership product to any of our Off-Peak, Standard or Ultimate memberships from these products. I.e. Off-Peak to Ultimate membership is available via the Member Area.

  • Can I change to a fixed-term membership, i.e. Students or Ultimate?

    You cannot change your membership directly to our fixed-term memberships if you pay monthly. If you would like to benefit from a fixed-term membership, you will need to cancel your existing membership and re-join.

  • Can I change my home gym?

    Yes, you can change our home gym in the  Member Area or Mobile App for a £5 admin fee. Please note, your payment may be higher than £5 if you are moving to a more expensive gym as this includes a pro-rata payment to cover the remainder of the month. Please note that you will be unable to make these changes if your membership is frozen.

    There will be extra terms for our Ultimate, Standard and Off-Peak monthly members. On this membership type you can change your gym to any of our gyms with the same membership type. It is not possible to change your gym outside of the clubs that offer Ultimate, Standard and Off-Peak memberships.

  • Can I add Yanga Sports water to my membership?

    Yanga Sports Water is a great way to stay hydrated during your workouts. You can add this service for an additional £4 per month via the online Member Area if you have a monthly membership.

    Have your 500ml bottle and PIN code at the ready, then find the machine in your gym. You will need to wait 20 minutes before your next refill.

  • How do I book a class?
    You can book classes via our mobile app

  • How do I book a session with a PT?

    You can book a session with one of our expert personal trainers by contacting them via the Member Area or our mobile app

  • Can I restart my old membership?

    Yes, you can re-join here. Please note, you will still need to pay a joining fee if you are a returning member.


  • When will my first payment be taken?

    Your first payment is taken right away. Subsequent payments are taken on the same date each month thereafter.

  • Why am I being asked to pay before the gym has opened?

    This is to secure your membership at our fantastic early bird offer. Your first payment will hold your membership for you, and you won’t be charged again until one month after the gym opens. Please note you can’t use any of our gyms until your home gym is open.

  • How do I view my payment history?

    You can view your payment history in the mobile app or Member Area under the manage payments section. Please note this information is refreshed every 24 hours and you can view your payment history for the past 24 months.

    If you’ve re-joined us on a monthly membership and can’t view your payment history, this is because you haven’t been a member in the last 12 months.

  • What does a pending payment mean?

    If a payment is showing as pending this means we’re in the process of collecting your payment. If you pay by direct debit, you may see this status 4 days before your billing date.

  • What does a paid paid status mean?

    If your payment is showing as paid, this means we’ve been able to collect your payment successfully. This will display any successful payment received and may include a breakdown of any membership add-ons or admin fees.

  • What does a failed payment mean?

    If a payment is showing as failed, this means our attempt to collect your direct debit payment was unsuccessful. We’ll attempt to collect this payment again in 10 working days and please note a late payment fee will apply. If you pay by recurring card and your payment fails, this terminates your membership immediately, so you’ll have to re-join us to continue accessing the gym.

    Why has my membership fee gone up?

    Occasionally our membership fees increase. This might be as you come to the end of a special offer period, or it might be a price increase to allow us to continue offering the best kit and facilities. You’ll never be above headline rate.

  • What happens if one of my payments fails?

    If a payment fails, we attempt to recollect it again 10 days later. Please note, we do charge a £15 admin fee to do this. If the second attempt also fails, your membership is terminated.

  • Can I change my payment account details?

    You can use the Member Area or our Mobile App to make changes to your payment account details under ‘my account’. Please note, all changes to payment details must be processed BEFORE your billing date. With less than 4 working days notice, your previously registered card or bank account details may still be processed.

  • Can I change my payment date?

    To change your payment date, just log in to the App or use the Member Area, select ‘my account’ and ‘manage payments’.

    Please note pro rata one-off payments are taken into account for the days between your current billing date and new future billing date. You’ll receive email confirmation of your new payment date once this has been completed.


  • How do I use a discount/promotion?

    Promo codes can be entered when you join online, just after you have selected your membership type, and before you enter your personal details.

  • Why doesn’t my offer code work?

    Promo codes do expire. For some offers, certain gyms are not included. Please see your local gym page to check if your gym is included in the offer.


  • How do I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel your membership by cancelling the direct debit with your bank, your membership will end there and then. If you pay by recurring card payment, please contact us and provide your full name, postcode, the last 4 digits of your pin and reasoning for leaving.

    Please note, for all cancellation requests received with less than 4 working days notice of your billing date, payment may still be taken but will not be refunded. However, you will be able to reinstate for the time you have paid by calling our billing team on 0300 303 4800.

  • What does freezing a membership mean?

    Freezing your membership is a great way to retain your membership. Whether you are going on holiday or returning from injury, freezing means you don’t need to cancel and pay a Joining Fee when you come back – so it’s a great way to help you save!

    Please note that you are unable to freeze on any of our fixed-term memberships. You can check out how much it costs on the freeze membership page via Member Area or our mobile app.

  • How do I freeze/unfreeze my membership?

    You can freeze and unfreeze your membership via the Member Area or our Mobile App.

    Please note, all freezes must be processed BEFORE your billing date. With less than 4 working days notice, payment may still be taken and will not be refunded.

    You will be asked to pay a pro-rata portion of your monthly membership when you unfreeze so you can use the gym again straight away.

  • As an Ultimate monthly member, can I freeze for free?

    As an Ultimate member, you are eligible for 1-month's free freeze within a 12-month period. Once you add the freeze, your membership will remain active up to your next payment date and then the freeze will begin. The freeze will end at the end of that billing month.

    You need to allow at least 4 working days to apply the freeze to hold an upcoming payment. You can remove the freeze at any time, and you will be asked to pay a pro-rata portion of your monthly membership when you unfreeze so you can use the gym again straight away.

  • As an Ultimate monthly member, can I freeze after the free freeze ends?

    You will be able to freeze again from the date your freeze ends. This will apply a rolling monthly freeze, your monthly payments will be based on the cost displayed on the freeze membership page via Member Area or our mobile app.

    You can remove the freeze at any time, and you will be asked to pay a pro-rata portion of your monthly membership when you unfreeze so you can use the gym again straight away.

  • I haven’t used the gym, how can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds for unused memberships. If you no longer wish to be a member of The Gym Group, you must cancel your membership before your billing date. Please note, all cancellation requests must be received BEFORE your billing date. With less than 4 working days notice, payment may still be taken.


  • What is a fixed term membership?

    A fixed term membership is a membership for a set duration of time – i.e. a 12-month fixed term membership is a membership that starts from the moment of purchase and ends in 12 months’ time.

    To purchase this membership, you will make a one-off payment at the point of purchase that is the cost of the duration upfront. This often saves you money in the long run and allows for better budgeting as the money has come out upfront.

  • Can I cancel or freeze my fixed term membership?

    A fixed term membership is a contract with The Gym Group for a set period of time – therefore if you cancel your membership mid-way through your contract we are unable to provide you with a refund for the remaining time of your term, except if you cancel within the first 14 days of your term. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions

    We don’t currently offer fixed term members the ability to freeze their membership.

  • Why am I getting an error screen in the app?

    We are working on improving your fixed term member experience in the app. Currently you may see error screens in the app for functionality that isn’t applicable to you as a fixed term member. For example, change membership, fixed term members aren’t able to change their membership in term, so therefore you will see an error screen in the app.


  • What types of memberships do you offer?

    To view what membership is available for your gym, please check here and select the gym you are interested in joining. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • How old do I need to be to join?

    You need to be 16 to join The Gym Group. Anyone under the age of 18 must also complete an online induction before their PIN is activated.

  • How to enter the gym?

    When you sign up, we'll send you an 8-digit PIN code to access your chosen gym and log into the app. Just enter your gym PIN at the pods or scan your QR code through the app. Some doors may need you to use # followed by your PIN to get in.

  • Can I check out the gym before joining?

    Our brand new gyms can be viewed before they officially open. Dates will be added to the gym page closer to the time, so check out the gym page for details on when you can view it. You can visit our current gyms during staffed hours to arrange a tour before joining. Staffed hours will be advertised at the gym.

  • I have a disability; can I join The Gym?

    Absolutely! Once you’ve joined up, a member of the management team will be in touch to discuss access arrangements before you arrive for your first visit. You will also need to complete an induction.

    We have a wide hinged door for those who need alternative access. You can gain access via this door, as well as our standard entrance portals if you have noted that you have a disability when joining.

  • What do I do if I have lost something in The Gym?

    The fastest and easiest way to retrieve lost property is to head back to the gym and speak to a member of staff.

  • What are the Off-Peak hours in the gym?

    These hours will depend on your chosen gym, and you can view these on your gym page under Opening hours. This package is currently available at a select few gyms for new members. To see what package is available at your club, select your gym for more information.

  • Am I able to visit the gym outside of Off-Peak hours if I choose this membership?

    Your PIN and QR code access via the app will only be possible during the specified times for your branch. If you would like to visit during the full opening hours, you can upgrade to our Standard or Ultimate memberships.

  • Why can I pick book a peak time class when I am an Off-Peak member?

    All members can currently view and book the full class timetable. This gives you the full view of what’s available if you decide to change your membership type in the future. As an Off-Peak member, you will have the ability to book classes outside of your allocated hours, however, you will not be able to participate in them as this is not part of your membership package.


  • What are you doing to keep me safe?

    As most of our gyms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week there may be times our gyms are remotely supervised. All our gyms have 24/7 CCTV which is monitored externally when there are no staff on site. We also have Safety Stations and emergency contact points in case you need urgent assistance outside of staffed hours.

  • What are you doing to keep the equipment and facilities clean?

    Our teams actively clean the equipment daily as part of a rotating schedule, we also have teams of contract cleaners who will ensure the facilities are spick and span and carry out a deep clean every evening. We also ask that members bring a sweat towel to reduce the amount of sweat landing on equipment.

    Should you have any concerns over the cleanliness of our equipment or facilities, please speak to a member of staff on site who will happily ensure that any issues are sorted.


  • What do I do if I have a complaint?

    Whilst we hope that there won’t be anything to cause you to complain, we understand that occasionally there might be issues that need to be addressed. This is why we have a dedicated complaints email, as well as a complaints process that ensure that your complaint or concern is investigated and dealt with fairly and correctly.

    Depending on the nature of the complaint, it might be best to raise this directly with the management team on site so that they can discuss, fully understand and look to resolve any issues you might have. Alternatively, you can email us at complaints@thegymgroup.com, and we will look to process it against our complaints procedure.

  • What does The Gym Group do when I raise a complaint?

    When we receive a complaint, we look to understand what the issue is, and who the best team to deal with that is. We then let you know what we are going to do, and keep you updated so you know that we are working on a resolution. Depending on the nature of the complaint, and how this was raised to us, this might be verbally communicated, or done so via email. We treat every complaint seriously, and ensure that every outcome is the correct one against our Dignity At The Gym policy, and follows a full investigation into the matter.

  • I’ve noticed that I’m in the background of some social media content in the gym – how can I be removed?

    All staff and trainers at The Gym Group receive regular social media guidance and have training on the UK GDPR. Staff and trainers should always follow our social media policy procedures with regards to filming in the gym. You are within your rights to withdraw consent after giving it (if you have been asked for consent) or to request that the footage is removed if you spot yourself on a social media post and don’t want to be there. Simply direct message the social media account and ask to be removed.


We’ve answered most of our common queries in the FAQs, but if you still can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us by chat or email.

* Offer available at selected sites only. See Terms & Conditions for further details. ** 24 hour access not currently available at all Gyms. Please see individual Gym pages for further details. ⨥Applicable terms, conditions and joining fees may apply. © 2024 The Gym Group.