The gym group facilities

Facilities in your Gym

We’re here to help all our members feel positive, motivated and in the perfect mood for a workout. That’s why all our gyms are bright and spacious with a laid- back atmosphere, so when you come in, you feel as comfortable as a pair of old trainers.

You’ll also find all the practical bits and bobs you need: showers and changing rooms, lockers – even vending machines in case you’ve left something at home. And to keep you safe and sound day and night, we’ve got a PIN entry door system for our members.

Showers & changing rooms

You’re free to use the showers and changing rooms as much as you like. To get in and out, you will need your PIN, so make sure know it off by heart.

Every night, we close the main changing room between 12am and 4am for cleaning*. If you’re a night owl, don’t worry, during these hours you can pop in and use the accessible changing room and showers instead.

*Times may vary depending on Gym.


If you want somewhere to store your stuff while you’re in the gym, we have lots of lockers available.

You’ll need a padlock though, so either bring along your own or buy one from the vending machine for £5.00.

When you’re finished working out for the day, please make sure you take all your gear home with you. We clean out the lockers daily and get rid of anything that’s been left behind.

Vending machines

We all forget bits of our kit from time to time. So if you left your towel at home or feel a bit peckish after your workout, head to our vending machines where you’ll find:

  • Towels

  • Padlocks

  • Snacks

  • Energy drinks

  • Water bottles*

*Water fountains are available for your use.

PIN entry system

One of the best things about The Gym Group is that you can work out whenever you like, night or day. Because we’re open 24/7*, there are times when the gym is unstaffed – we do need our beauty sleep too, after all.

To make sure you’re always safe when you’re here, all our members are given a PIN to access the gym. You need to keep this to yourself. If it ever slips your mind, all you need to do is pop online, click the Forgotten PIN link on our website and we’ll send it to you.

*The majority of our gyms are open 24/7 but some do close at night. You can find the opening times of each gym by searching here.

Your safety & security

Whatever time of the night or day you fancy working out, you’ll be safe and sound with us. We keep a close eye on the CCTV across all our sites, and there are emergency buttons located throughout the gym.

Of course, we’re pretty sure you’ll never need to use them, but if you do, our 24/7 team will be alerted immediately.

We’ve put together a few rules to make our gym a nicer place for everyone. Please make sure you’ve had a read of them.

* Offer available at selected sites only. See Terms & Conditions for further details. ** 24 hour access not currently available at all Gyms. Please see individual Gym pages for further details. ⨥Applicable terms, conditions and joining fees may apply. © 2024 The Gym Group.