How to do Burpees

How to do Burpees

Want to learn how to do burpees? Burpees aren’t the easiest exercise out there, but they are a great workout for muscles all over the body, and you don’t need any equipment. Keep reading to learn all about the beautifully named burpee.

What are burpees?

Burpees are a combination of several different exercises done in order: a jump, a squat, a plank, and a push up. By combining these separate movements in the correct order and with the proper form, the burpee helps burn calories and fat, improves cardio health, and works out the entire body.

How to Do Burpees: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s the correct way to do a burpees.

  1. Stand up straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms resting at your sides.

  2. Jump and land in a squatting position, keeping your back neutral and your arms at your sides.

  3. Place your hands on the floor, stretching your arms straight down and keeping your back neutral.

  4. Kick your feet backwards so you are in a plank position, as if you were going to do a plank or a push up.

  5. Lower your body to the floor, keeping your hands in place as if you were doing a push up.

  6. As you elevate your body from the push up, kick your feet forwards so you return to a squat position. You are now reversing them motion you completed in step 4.

  7. Jump upwards, returning to the standing position from step 1. Keep your back straight, your feet should-width apart, and your arms resting at your sides.

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO kick both feet back at the same time.

  • DON’T jump back up with a bent back.

Burpees are a challenge exercise, so you’ll be able to do more or less based on your current fitness level. If you’re new to burpees, try doing five in a row to get your form down.

Once you’re more comfortable with the different steps, how many burpees you do is up to you. Some people rely on burpees as their main workout technique, while others incorporate them into a wider routine. As a guide, start out by including three sets of 15 burpees each into your daily workout regimen.

Want to learn more?

Burpees are a great full-body workout, but they’re certainly one of the more advanced exercises you can do without equipment. If you need guidance, our friendly personal trainers at your local Gym are on hand to help you find your fit and smash your fitness goals.

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