Beginners Guide to Battle Rope Workouts

Beginner’s Guide to Battle Rope Workout

Battle ropes, also known as ‘gym ropes’ might look intimidating at first, but they support a wide range of simple workouts that boost your conditioning, endurance, and strength. This quick guide will show you how to use battle ropes at the gym, so you bring this fun and dynamic equipment into your workouts in no time. Now come, let us show you the ropes.

What are Battle Ropes good for?

By whipping, waving, and slamming the ropes to the floor you can get in some solid conditioning work, build strength and coordination, and hit your cardio goals. Battle ropes are just a fun way of accomplishing fitness goals in a fun and dynamic way.

Most people tend to use the battle ropes to work their arms and back, but you can use these heavy ropes for a thorough and satisfying full-body workout if you incorporate jumps and other dynamic movements into the exercises. Training with battle ropes is also great for taming belly fat, as the harder you train, you more you burn.

Beyond the physical, battle rope training helps your hand-eye coordination and cognition

Battle Rope Exercises

These battle rope exercises are great for both beginners who are picking up the ropes for the first time, and seasoned gym-goers who have used them before. The only thing holding you back is how long you can keep going.

Battle Rope Waves

The wave is the most common battle rope move. You alternate ‘waving’ each arm to send a large ripple through the ropes. This exercise targets your upper body – the version below works your biceps hard.

How to do it:

  1. Grip the ropes handles, with your thumb sitting on the rope itself as if you were giving yourself a thumbs up.

  2. Bend your knees and get in a quarter squat position, ensuring your spine is neutral.

  3. Begin ‘flicking’ the ropes in alternating waves, keeping your elbows tucked in.

  4. Continue sending waves through the ropes for 30 seconds, or until failure.

For a version that targets your lower body, try going into a deeper squatting position and brace your core.

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO grip the battle ropes tight.

  • DO keep breathing.

  • DON’T tug the rope towards yourself. Always flick away.

  • DON’T choose the wrong thickness – try different sizes if the wave isn’t reaching the end of the gym rope.

Power Slams

If the waves are about endurance and consistency, the slams are about explosive power. You’re slamming the ropes to the ground in one big movement.

How to do it:

  1. Grip the rope handles with your thumb sitting on the rope itself (like the waves above), and get in a squat position.

  2. Bring the ropes up over your head, then slam them down at the ground.

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO keep your chest up.

  • DO aim for explosiveness, rather than a neat, controlled motion.

  • DON’T  hold back. The clue is in the name. Slam those ropes as hard as you can.

Battle Rope Snakes

How to do it:

  1. Grip the rope handles and squat with your feet shoulder-width apart.

  2. Hold the ropes out wide, parallel to the floor.

Alternate bringing your arms in towards the middle, which should send a sideways ripple through the ropes and they’ll resemble snakes moving across the floor.

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO keep your posture neutral.

  • DON’T create vertical movement, your arms should be waving in and out.

Want to learn more?

Lifting weights takes a lot of effort, so you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout routine. The friendly personal trainers at your local Gym are on hand to discuss technique, create an individualised fitness plan, and help you smash your fitness goals.

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