Inner Thigh Exercises

Inner Thigh Exercises

Want to tone your inner thighs but don’t know where to begin? We’ve put together a list of our top three inner thigh exercises, which will not only tone your muscles but also improve your balance and stabilise your core and lower back. Let’s get stretching.

Our Top Three Inner Thigh Exercises

It’s relatively easy to incorporate an inner thigh workout into your exercise routine. We suggest tackling the three exercises listed below across three sets. It’ll take only five or 10 minutes, and your muscle tone will thank you after just a few weeks.

Lateral Lunges

  1. From a normal standing position, stretch your right leg/foot sideways as far as possible.

  2. Keeping your back neutral, lean forward as you stretch, shifting your glutes back as if you were doing a squat. The motion should feel natural, so give it a practice try before adding it to your full workout routine.

  3. Reverse the motion, returning to your original standing position, then repeat the motion with the opposite leg.

These lunges work as a good warm up too, and they’ll target those oft-neglected inner thigh muscles. Do these for about a minute, which is equivalent to one set

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO maintain a comfortable range of motion

  • DON’T overstretch.

Jumping Jacks

This classic workout is great cardio, but it also gets your upper legs actively involved with the rest of the body. Incorporate a set of these (about 30 seconds to a minute) into your inner thigh routine.

  1. Starting in a normal standing position with your hands at your sides, jump, moving your legs to just beyond shoulder width apart, and raise your hands above your head as if you were waving at someone in the distance.

  2. Instantly return to your original standing position, and repeat!

It doesn’t get much simpler than that, but you’ll be working your heart, burning belly fat, and toning your leg muscles.

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO try to ensure you land using your whole foot and not just the balls of your feet

  • DON’T do this if space is too tight

Glute Kickbacks

To get even more out of this workout, wrap a resistance band around your inner thighs, a few inches above your knees. This piece of kit isn’t essential for glute kickbacks, however, so crack on even if you’ve not got a resistance band.

  1. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, lean forward, placing your palms against a wall for support.

  2. Keeping your legs neutral, push your right leg backwards as far as you can. Keep your back straight, too, and squeeze your glutes as you move your leg.

  3. Reverse the motion, returning to your original position, and repeat the exercise with your opposite leg. Do these for about a minute to get a full set in.

Want to learn more?

Incorporating these three inner thigh exercises into your wider workout routine will improve your overall wellness while toning your upper leg muscles at the same time. You can also try other exercises which don’t explicitly target the inner thighs but are still beneficial for the upper legs, such as the Bulgarian split squat and other types of lunges. And if you’re looking for more guided instruction, get in touch with the friendly personal trainers at your local Gym. We’re always here to help you craft a personalised workout plan and smash your fitness goals, whatever they might be.

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