Great Calf Exercises For at Home or The Gym

The Best Calf Exercises for Balance and Explosive Movement

Did you know that strong calves help stabilise your ankles when doing more intense compound exercises, like squats? They also help you generate explosive movement and propel you forward, making them a runner’s best friend. You shouldn’t skip leg day, because stability is strength.

If you’re developing your calves for running, then check out our Running Tips Guide

What Are Your Calf Muscles?

The calves are made up of two muscles.

The Gastrocnemius

Your gastrocnemius is the larger calf muscle and is the visible bulge on the back of your leg. It’s what you’d probably consider the ‘main’ calf muscle and the one you’re probably visualising as we describe it to you now.

The Soleus

Underneath the gastrocnemius is the other calf muscle, which is called the ‘soleus.’ It’s the soleus that keeps your ankle stable and stops you from falling forward.

Our Favourite Calf Exercises

These calf exercises are designed to hit both your gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, for balanced strength in the most underrated muscle group in your body. They work well as part of a leg-day spectacular, or simply as a finisher for a broader bodyweight workout.

Even calf stretches are powerful conditioning tools, such as:

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