Cardio at Home


Sit ups are a great way to strengthen your core with a simple technique and no equipment needed. But if you need guidance, get in touch with one of our friendly personal trainers at your local Gym to help you perfect your form.


All of these moves can be done without equipment, but we’d suggest springing for an exercise mat for comfort.

Jogging on the Spot

To kick things off, jog on the spot, bringing those knees high if you want to work that little bit harder.

Arm Circles

Arm circles are a low-intensity method of getting your heart rate up. For a more intense variant, prolong the exercise for longer.

How to do arm circles:

  1. Stand up straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands out and parallel to the floor.

  2. Make small circles using your whole arm,* being sure to keep your back straight.

  3. Start making larger circles with your arm, keeping your movement controlled. As the circles get bigger, you should start feeling something in your triceps (the back of your upper arm).

  4. Continue for 10-15 seconds, before reversing the direction.

Bear Crawls

Here’s the correct way to do a bear crawl. All you need is some open space and the correct form.

  1. Get in a push-up position, with your arms and hands straight down. Keep your back straight, parallel to the floor.

  2. Straight crawling forward, moving your left hand and right foot at the same time; then switch, moving your right hand and left foot at the same time.

  3. As you crawl, don’t let your knees touch the floor, and keep your hips low (imagine your crawling through an obstacle course—you don’t want your hips or back to hit whatever obstacle is above you).


Now we’re getting into challenging exercise territory. Burpees are intense, so listen to your body and work to your level of comfort.

Here’s the correct way to do a burpee.

  1. Stand up straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms resting at your sides.

  2. Jump and land in a squatting position, keeping your back neutral and your arms at your sides.

  3. Place your hands on the floor, stretching your arms straight down and keeping your back neutral.

  4. Kick your feet backwards so you are in a plank position, as if you were going to do a plank or a push up.

  5. Lower your body to the floor, keeping your hands in place as if you were doing a push up.

  6. As you elevate your body from the push up, kick your feet forwards so you return to a squat position. You are now reversing them motion you completed in step 4.

  7. Jump upwards, returning to the standing position from step 1. Keep your back straight, your feet should-width apart, and your arms resting at your sides.

Hand Walk Outs

Great warm-ups also make effective cardio exercises – this time, the hand walk out.

Here’s the correct way to do it.

  1. Stand up straight with your hands at your side.

  2. Keeping your legs straight, hinge your hips so your hands can touch the floor in front of you. Be sure not to move your feet from their original position.

  3. Using your hands as if they were feet, walk your hands forward slowly, going as far as you can. You’ll eventually end up in a stretched, extended plank position.

  4. Reverse the motion until your hands are touching your toes, and repeat.

Mountain Climbers

Here’s the correct way to do a mountain climbers

  1. Start off in a plank position, making sure your weight is evenly distributed between your hands and your toes. Your hands should be about shoulder-width apart, and your back should be flat with an aligned head to create a straight line all the way from your tip to your toes.

  2. Focus on activating your abs, keeping them tight throughout the exercise to really work your core.

  3. Bring your right knee up to your chest as far as you can, gently touching your toes to the floor. Make sure you keep your left leg extended behind you.

  4. Return your right leg to your starting position and ready to repeat the move with your left.

  5. Bring your left knee up to your chest as far as you can, just as you did with your right, and gently touch your toes to the floor. Again, remember to keep your right leg properly extended behind you.

  6. Continue alternating the movement between your left and right legs, aiming to do this quick, fluid movements.

  7. And repeat!

Toe Touches

Toe touches look difficult, but just practice and they’ll feel less awkward.

  1. Lay on your back, with your legs extending up vertically towards the ceiling.

  2. Extend your arms forward, keeping them straight. They should be parallel to your legs.

  3. Crunch forwards, reaching up to your toes with your outstretched arms. Your head, shoulders, and upper back should come off the ground when performing a toe touch.

  4. Lower yourself, and repeat steps 2 and 3.

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO try to keep your legs straight

  • DON’T overstrain your neck


Here’s everything you need to perform a dip with good form. If you don’t have a bench, use a sturdy piece of furniture (like a chair).

  1. Grip the edge of your hard surface with your hands behind your back, and your feet planted on the floor. Your body should look like you’re sitting on an invisible chair.

  2. Straighten your arms, so that you are holding yourself up with your hands and your arm is locked vertically.

  3. Lower your body by bending your elbows.

  4. Push back up, in one explosive movement.

  5. Repeat, going through steps 3-5.

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO try to keep your back as close to the object / chair as much as possible

  • DON’T choose a surface that isn’t stable and secure.


Here’s the correct way to do a simple lunge.

  1. Stand up straight, with your feet side by side and your hands resting on your hips.

  2. Step forward with one foot, placing your foot flat on the floor once you’ve reached a 90-degree angle. Your lower leg should be perpendicular to the floor, and your thigh should be parallel.

  3. Meanwhile, bend your other leg until your knee touches the floor. Your foot will stretch, but your toes should remain in place.

  4. Return your front leg to its original position, reversing the motion from step 2.

  5. And repeat!

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO try to keep your chest proud

  • DON’T over stride


Not sure if cardio at home is right for you? We offer a range of classes at The Gym Group, giving you the instruction, structure, and equipment that allow you to get the most out of cardio workout. If you want to learn more, why not get in touch and try out a class?

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