Shoulder Exercises

Great Shoulder Exercises for a Full Shoulder Workout

Did you know that strong calves help stabilise your ankles when doing more intense compound exercises, like squats? They also help you generate explosive movement and propel you forward, making them a runner’s best friend. You shouldn’t skip leg day, because stability is strength.

If you’re developing your calves for running, then check out our Running Tips guide.

How to Maximise Your Shoulder Workout

Warm-Up Appropriately

By performing arm circles, or other warmup exercises that limber up your rotator cuff, you can prevent injury. Try standing with your arm out and push against a flat surface through your shoulder to warm up.

Use Your Full Range of Motion

Moving through the full range of motion hits more muscle fibre. If you perform half-reps or don’t make the full movement, you won’t get the full benefit from the exercise.

Listen to Your Body

Shoulder exercise can be intense, and since so many upper body workouts involve the shoulders, you don’t want to injure yourself. Warm up, start light, and don’t overload. If in doubt, find a spotter.

Top Shoulder Exercises

The Arnold Press

  • The arnold press is a variation of the overhead press named after the Terminator himself, who apparently relied on the method to bulk up. It’s designed to hit more than a standard press (seated or otherwise).

  • This version of the press is more intense and recommended for more advanced lifters, so grab a spotter or a trainer to check form and ensure you’re performing it correctly.

  • Reps – 5, Sets – 3

Lateral Raises

  • Also known as a side raise or shoulder fly, the lateral raise is a hard-hitting exercise for your shoulders and upper arms.

  • Reps – 10, Sets – 5


  • For strong traps, lats, and rhomboids, Shrugs are a great option to increase your strength in these areas. Shrugs can also help your posture as well have increasing the size of your traps.

  • Remember to hold the weight as the top of the rep for s few seconds to gain the most benefit.

  • Reps – 8-12, Sets – 3

The Reverse Fly

  • The reverse fly looks simple, but it’s important to get the basics right to avoid injury or putting in lots of effort for little return. Still, as far as dumbbell shoulder exercises go, it’s one of the best for building shoulder strength and mass.

  • Reps – 8-12, Sets – 5

Want to learn more?

Want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout routine? The friendly personal trainers at your local Gym are on hand to discuss technique, create an individualised fitness plan, and help you smash your fitness goals. Get in touch to learn more.

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