Dumbbell Abs Exercises


Ab workouts are a great way to strengthen your core, improve overall athletic health, and define your six pack. Many people think dumbbells are mainly for arm workouts, however, but there are some great exercises you can doing with dumbbells which really work those core muscles. Keep reading to check out our handy list of the best dumbbell exercises for abs.


  • Russian Twist

Are you familiar with the classic Russian twist? In this variation, simply hold a dumbbell vertically in front of your chest instead of clasping your hands together. The extra weight will work your core muscles, and it will also stabilise your body and help you maintain balance throughout the exercise.

  • Sit Ups

We’re all familiar with the standard sit up, but holding a dumbbell against your chest as you raise your torso will work your abs and obliques as you reach the peak position. Hold this for a few seconds, tightening your core, before reclining back into your original position.

  • V-Sits

Working your upper and lower abs at the same time, this exercise is dead simple. Lie flat on your back, gripping a dumbbell vertically behind your head with both hands. Then raise your arms/torso and your legs into a V shape, meeting in the middle. Reverse the motion, and repeat. Just be sure to keep a firm grip on the dumbbell since you will be raising it above your body.


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