Abs Workout


Whether you’re a fitness pro or are just getting started, ab exercises are a great way to boost core strength, build muscle mass, and improve overall health and fitness. It’s not always easy knowing how and where to get started, so we’ve created a handy ab workouts guide to help you smash your fitness goals.


Lots of people workout with strengthening and sculpting their ab muscles in mind, but it’s not only six-pack seekers that should incorporate them into their workout routine. Strong and healthy abs have a range of health benefits including everything from building core strength to nailing your posture. Working on your abs can help with overall fitness and benefit other areas of fitness too, like running, swimming, and more.


We’ve compiled a handy list of ab exercises to incorporate into your daily routine. Click on each exercise for a step-by-step guide to how to do them properly and effectively.

You don’t need to do each of these every time you work out. Instead, find the best exercises that suit your fitness level and goals.


Most ab exercises are quick and easy to do at home or the gym, but using the correct form is essential to working out with weights safely and effectively. Why not get in touch with your local Gym and speak to one of our friendly personal trainers to create an individualised workout plan that works for you? Find your fit with The Gym Group today.

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