15 Minutes Ab Workout

Who doesn’t want toned, defined abs? For better or for worse, ab ‘quick fix’ workouts or products designed to ‘stimulate’ your ab muscles while you sleep just don’t work. The good news? 15 minutes really is enough time to make a difference—if you know what you’re doing.

Keep reading for our ultimate 15-minute ab workout, which will get your abdominal muscles in a much better place. It’s crunch time.


Simply doing a hundred sit-ups a day won’t get you perfect abs (it wouldn’t be much fun to do, either). That’s because the abdominal muscles are covered by a layer of belly fat. If you eat unhealthy diet and don’t burn enough calories each day, your toned abs from all those sit-ups will be hidden underneath your belly.

So, before kickstarting your ab programme with our 15-minute workout, make sure you’re following a healthy diet. Otherwise, you will not get to see your results!


After your warm up, set a timer on your phone or watch for 15 minutes. Then, here’s what you do:

  1. Spend 2 minutes doing sit-ups or crunches

    Click the links above to view our step-by-step guides on sit-ups or crunches if you need a refresher. These are the exercises many people picture when thinking about ab workouts, and for a good reason: they work. Do a minute of sit-ups and crunches to improve your core strength and build your abdominal muscle mass. Crunches specifically target your core and no where else, so focus on those if you’re really going all in on your abs.

  2. Rest for 1 minute.

  3. Spend 2 minutes doing Russian twists

    Russian twists take it up a level, targeting not just core abdominal muscles but also your obliques (the muscles which run on either side of your core—you stretch them when bending one way or the other). They also help reduce belly fat and ‘love handles’, so adding them to your 15-minute ab workout serves a dual function here.

  4. Rest for 1 minute.

  5. Spend 2 minutes doing mountain climbers

    These exercises are great for arm and leg strength, but they can also help reduce belly fat and target your abs at the same time. They’re less intensive on the abs, however, so putting them in the middle of your 15 minutes will give your core muscles a bit of a break.

  6. Rest for 2 minutes, lying on the mat or floor and taking deep breaths. You’re now over halfway there!

  7. Spend 2 minutes doing hand walk outs.

    Hand walk outs build strength and endurance—and they’re also just fun to do. Just don’t forget to keep your core tight and your back neutral; otherwise, you’ll develop bad form and ignore the muscle groups that need it most.

  8. Rest for 1 minute.

  9. Finally, close out by holding a plank as long as you can. 2 minutes is the ultimate goal, but you’ll be able to start out aiming for much shorter planks—you’ll build up to it!

    Planks strengthen your core, build muscle endurance, and even help with back pain and posture. They’re also one of the most popular ab exercises, and a great challenge to close our your 15-minute ab workout. You will probably need to build up to the full two minutes, and that’s okay. You’ll get better every time!


Ready to level up your fitness game? Why not check out your local Gym online or browse our range of classes? Staying motivated and sticking to a routine is key to achieving our fitness goals—and we’re here to help you do it.

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