Gym Exercises


Our exercises are for you with your personal fitness goals in mind. We are here to help, so check out what I have to offer.

Abs & Core Exercises

An abs and core workout involves a variety of exercises designed to strengthen the muscles around the middle of your body

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Arms & Shoulder Exercises

Arms and shoulder workouts involve a variety of exercises to work biceps, triceps, and deltoids, using free weights or bodyweight

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Back Exercises

Back exercises work the big muscles across your back like the latissimus Dorsi and trapezius

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Cardio Exercises

In the gym, cardio machines include the treadmill, elliptical trainer, stationary cycle, stepping machine, rowing machine

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Chest Exercises

A chest workout involves working with dumbbells, barbells or bodyweight through pushing or fly movements

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Legs & Glutes Exercises

Work your legs and glutes using the leg press, extension or curls. You can also squat or deadlift to target this area

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Sports Guides Exercises

Check out our beginner’s guide to strength training, how to use our cardio machines and some tips to plan your workout at home

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Stretching & Warmups

Stretch big muscles in your upper and lower body. A good warm up is also important to maximise your workout

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Total Body Exercises

A total body workout involves working upper and lower body muscles using dumbbells, barbells and bodyweight

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