Corporate membership


No company reward scheme is complete without an enticing health offer. The Gym’s Fit For Work corporate discount can make a real difference:

  • To how your staff think about health

  • To the number of sick days your staff take

  • To how productive they are when they’re in

  • To morale, collaboration and team spirit

  • To your bottom line

Never heard of The Gym Group? Here are just a few reasons why we’re special:

  • We’re open 24/7 to support a healthy lifestyle for every work pattern

  • We don’t do contracts, so your staff are never tied into membership

  • We’re an award-winning budget gym, with no compromise on quality

  • We’re eco-friendly, which your corporate responsibility people will love

  • Up to 40% of our members had never joined a gym before

  • We’re growing fast - more than 200 Gyms UK-wide

  • We’re more affordable to join than any other major gym in the country

  • And with Fit For Work, we’re even better value yet

P.S. Fit For Work could cost you absolutely nothing and save you a small fortune. Ask us how.

Corporate Discounts

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