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Last Updated: 06:00am, Monday 19th July 2021.

The Gym | Latest Update:

Following the relaxation of restrictions in England, Scotland and Wales we have updated our rules and #Safewithus commitment to reflect the key changes but to also ensure our members feel safe when using our gyms.

Our #SafeWithUs Commitment

Whilst we have relaxed most of our social distancing measures there are some measures that are here with us to stay.


1. Let's #KeepItClean - Cleaning & Hygiene

  • We will continue to adopt a high standard of cleaning throughout the gym and our teams will continue to assist you as and when you need it.
  • Our teams will continue to sanitise equipment and high touch points using our electrostatic cleaning blasters and certified anti-viral sanitation solution.


2. Do Your Bit, Clean Your Kit - Cleaning & Hygiene

  • We would really appreciate your continued help with wiping down your equipment once you have used it.
  • You'll find sanitising spray and paper towels available for you to use at our Cleaning Stations.
  • Let's work together to keep the gym really shiny and safe for each other.


3. On Your Marks... Ready... Set... Sanitise - Cleaning & Hygiene

  • We have a hand sanitiser dispenser ready for you to use once you enter the gym and as you leave.
  • While you workout with us, please wash your hands regularly with soap and water.


Face Coverings

Face coverings are no longer a requirement in our English gyms, but we will respect your decision if you choose to continue to wear one.

In our Scottish and Welsh gyms, you must ensure you wear a face covering in all communal areas of the gym including the foyer, changing rooms and member areas.

COVID Secure at The Gym Group and staying informed

Dedicated coronavirus FAQs can be found below. If you have any questions about your membership please visit and contact us via live chat or call 0300 303 4800.

More information on coronavirus can be found on the NHS, PHE and PHS websites.

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Coronavirus Information FAQs

Can I freeze my membership?

You can freeze your membership in the Member Area for just £5 per month. Please note, if you freeze within 4 working days before your monthly payments is due, we may not be able to stop the direct debit.

How busy will The Gym be at certain times?

When your gym is open, you will be able to check out how busy your gym is through our website – live! Simply sign into the members area to check how busy your gym is.

To ensure that you get the most out of your experience, we’d recommend that you come down to The Gym at a time that is less busy so that you will not need to queue for as long. 

Our gyms in England and Scotland are now open. Gyms in Wales will reopen on 3rd May.

Are you still open 24/7?

The majority of our gyms are now 24/7 once more! That means any time noon or night, you can find your fit. 

To check the opening times of your gym, please click here.

Are classes still running?

Our classes are now running in the majority of the gyms with some exceptions. Please check your Gym home page for timetable information.

Please note, all of our classes are running at reduced capacity with COVID secure procedures in place.

I require a carer/helper to attend the gym with me due to a medical condition – is this allowed?

This is absolutely allowed. We ask that you attend the gym between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday or 9am and 5pm Saturday and Sunday so that one of team can get this set up on our system. If this isn't possible, please contact us and we can help arrange this via an alternative means.

What do I do if I feel unwell?

If you are unwell, symptomatic or have tested positive for coronavirus, do not attend the gym and follow government regulation on isolating for the minimum period of time, and only return after this minimum period if you are feeling well again.

Can I change my 'home' gym?

You can change your home gym via the Member Area.

SafeWithUs Commitment

What is #SafeWithUs, and what does it mean for me as a member?

#SafeWithUs is our commitment to you to keep you safe whilst in our gyms. It covers all the things we have done, are doing and will continue to do to keep you and our gym staff safe whilst in our gyms. It is a set of guidelines and rules that we ask all members and team members to follow whilst in the gym. By doing so, we can ensure that everyone has a safe space to train. You can read more about the Commitment here. The Commitment includes information on cleaning and hygiene, social distancing measures and our new entry measures. 

What are the #SafeWithUs cleaning and hygiene measures?

Through our #SafeWithUs cleaning and hygiene measures have increased the regularity of our equipment cleaning. We have also installed new cleaning stations and ask that all our members do their bit, and clean their kit! This means that whenever you have finished using a bit of equipment, please spray it down and wipe it clean with the sanitiser spray and paper towels provided. Finally, we have also installed hand sanitiser dispensers, and ask all members to use these after entering The Gym and also recommend you wash your hands with soap and water regularly too. Both the cleaning equipment and hand sanitisers can be found at our Cleaning Stations. You can read more about #SafeWithUs here

What are the #SafeWithUs new entry measures?

To help keep the number of people in The Gym to a safe number, allowing everyone to socially distance and get on the kit that they want, we have also introduced some #SafeWithUs entry measures. This may mean that your PIN won’t work on the entry pod – not to worry, it isn’t broken, it just means that there are too many people inside at that moment in time. As soon as someone leaves, you’ll be allowed in.

We have also introduced touchless entry using a QR code or NFC reader, you can access touchless entry via the app!

We understand some people may also use the pin pad, so we are also committing to regular sanitation of our entry keypads and have provided hand sanitiser just in the entrance so that you can clean your hands before working out.


*Applicable in Wales and Scotland

What are Cleaning Stations and where are they?

Our Cleaning Stations are a new feature in our gyms and provide sanitiser solution and wipes for the equipment, plus hand sanitiser for our members! As part of our #SafeWithUs Commitment, we ask that you use both when in The Gym to help keep the equipment clean and other members safe. Cleaning Stations can be found near the entrance of every gym, and dotted throughout the gym floor too.

Why have I been banned for breaking one of The Gym Rules or one of the #SafeWithUs Commitments?

We have asked all our members to follow and adapt the points in the Commitment, alongside The Gym Rules as part of your membership agreement. Any breach of either component, as with all Member Rules, may result in an immediate ban at the discretion of the manager. Should you feel that you have been treated unfairly, please drop us a message with your PIN and we can discuss this further with the manager on your behalf. 

I saw someone breaking one of The Gym Rules / #SafeWithUs Commitments, what should I do?

We have created the #SafeWithUs Commitments to clearly set out the guidelines of what is and isn’t allowed in our gyms whilst social distancing measures are still in place. This also clarifies what we have committed to and requires all members to follow. Our staff are enforcing these measures in a bid to keep our members safe, and request that all members follow these directions. If for whatever reason you see one of the terms of the commitment being breached, we ask that you raise it to a member of staff to deal with at the time of occurrence so that it can be corrected. This must be done in a calm and discrete manner so as to allow for any extenuating circumstances to be taken into account. Please remember that this is a strange time for everyone and we ask that you are considerate to all members.

Raising it at the time will allow us to properly enforce the measures. To allow us to properly manage the situation, we ask that you leave all interactions with other members, and enforcement of the Rules and Commitments to our trained members of staff. 

I saw a member of staff breaking one of The Gym Rules / #SafeWithUs Commitments why are they allowed to do this?

Our staff have been properly trained in social distancing measures whilst at work and try and allow a 2 metre gap whenever possible. We ask our members to be conscientious of this also when moving around the gym and choosing equipment, keeping an eye out not only for other members, but also members of staff. Whenever this is not possible, we try and keep this for the shortest possible amount of time, and only when absolutely necessary.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Will paper towels and sanitiser be available for members?

We have installed custom cleaning stations that provide both hand sanitiser for all our members to use on entry, as well as paper towels and sanitiser spray to clean the equipment after use. We ask that all members use the cleaning product to clean the equipment to help reduce the risk of any illnesses being spread.

What are you doing to keep the equipment and facilities clean?

We are working hard to ensure that our hygiene standards are kept to an exceptional level. As part of these efforts we have stepped up the frequency of our gym equipment being cleaned and on top of this, ensure that each evening a deep clean is done across the entire facility. We have also put in place cleaning stations throughout our gyms and we ask that members use these to wipe down any equipment after use.  

Should you have any concerns over the cleanliness of our equipment or facilitiesplease speak to a member of staff on site who will happily ensure that any issues are sorted. 

What if the cleaning products in The Gym are running low?

Our gym managers are regularly checking the stocks of all our cleaning products to ensure they are constantly topped upIf however you do notice anything missing or running low, please let a member of staff on site know so that they can ensure it is restocked. 

Why do you not have reusable towels to wipe equipment down?

We have opted to provide single use paper towels as these can be placed around the gym, making them more accessible to members and allows us to keep a large supply available. Single use towels will also further reduce the risk of any infection spreading. 

We ask that all members play their part in keeping our hygiene levels high and use the cleaning stations we have provided in our venues to wipe down equipment after use. 

Why do I have to use paper towels and spray and not a sweat towel to wipe down my equipment?

Due to our commitment to our members, we want to ensure that the gym is a safe place to train. Given the current circumstances we have increased the frequency that our gyms are cleaned and have also provided cleaning products to help members wipe down the kit they’ve been using 

Under normal circumstances, a sweat towel is sufficient to wipe down equipment, but as we work to prevent the spread of any virus or infectionwe ask that all members use the disinfectant spray and single use wipes that are provided.

Use of a sweat towel may continue to be used to wipe sweat off of your body, but we ask not to use this on the equipment.