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We are the UK’s best value 24/7 gym, releasing endorphins since 2008.
Our vision is to provide affordable access to exercise facilities and expert help to every person who wants to improve their wellbeing. Whoever you are, whatever your motivation, wherever you are on the fitness journey, The Gym team are here for you.
We are relentless in helping gym-goers break down new barriers: from a first-time gym user who is nervous walking in the door and needs help using a treadmill, to a fitness fanatic mastering the muscle-up, to a life-long runner training toward a sub-three-hour marathon.

So you can

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Whatever you want from The Gym

From the beginning, we have broken down barriers to join - such as high prices, restrictive hours and inflexible contracts - that were formerly industry standards. In the process, we have pioneered democratising fitness and we have opened the door to achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, making it accessible to all.

We believe that we offer everything you need from a gym and that we’re the best value around.

Now with over 750,000 members and more than 160 gyms we are the fastest growing gym business in Europe with over 22% of the UK low cost market!

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We at The Gym pride ourselves on 4 key values for our members and the superstars that work for us:

Value #1
The First Step.

We rally around each other and our members – always ready to help someone take the first step.

Value #2

We believe The Gym should feel welcoming and inclusive, never intimidating. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and are always up for a bit of fun.

Value #3

We are fair and honest in everything we do. We prioritise quality over numbers, integrity over image, what is right over what is easy.

Value #4
Challenge your limits.

We're passionate self-starters. We're proud of our high standards and are constantly developing our expertise - individually and as a company.