Our Values

Who we are, what we do and how we do it is shaped intrinsically by our Company values which are recognised wholeheartedly by our teams and also by our members – we asked them what made The Gym Group Great and they said:


Take the First Step

Whether it’s that first visit to the Gym or a step into a new career adventure – we not only encourage it, but we fully support it. Take the first step into something Brilliant!


We believe The Gym should feel welcoming and inclusive, never intimidating. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and are always up for a bit of fun. Kindness and a smile will always be the way at The Gym.


We are fair and honest in everything we do. We prioritise quality over numbers, integrity over image, what is right over what is easy. So you can Be the real You With US!

Challenge Your Limits

We're passionate self-starters. We're proud of our high standards and we’re constantly developing our expertise - individually and as a company. Do something new, take on that exciting project, share your goals, reach for them and we will help you achieve!