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So, you have seen what your career adventure could look like with us, you know what we value, you know what perks and benefits we offer and how we have fun here at The Gym. However – don’t just take our word for it . . read on below for some real life employee experiences here at The Gym, and check out Adi’s video where she tells you in her own words how she #foundherfit here at The Gym!

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Adi Andreeva – Commercial & Marketing Executive – Gym Support

From handing out leaflets to now working in The Gyms support office - my journey in the last 6 plus years have been incredible! Check out my Video below to find out all about my career adventure here at The Gym!

I came to the UK in October 2012 with a plan of spending up to a year here and then to return home after where I had just graduated as a lawyer.

My plan after 6 long years of studying and lots of exams, was to find a job that was less demanding, fun and would allow me not to make any big commitments so I could just go back home when I was ready. At that point, fitness had been a big passion of mine, so I decided to enrol on a PT course and become a personal trainer. I joined The Gym in Ealing whilst I was doing my course and I became friends with some of the PT’s. They suggested I should join The Gym as a PT once I completed my course.

I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity, so I applied for the Marketing Assistant vacancy at The Gym in North Harrow and Vauxhall. Although, I spoke very little English, I was successful for both. I was so excited at the interview and was 100% sure that was what I wanted to do for the next 12 months. I chose Vauxhall and whilst I was still finishing my course, I started handing out leaflets for the business to support myself … and it took off from there. In 2013 I was a self-employed PT at Vauxhall, a year later I started as the Assistant General Manager at Crawley, followed by Assistant General Manager in East Croydon and the super-exciting role of a Trainee General Manager in 2015. I then launched my first site as a General manager at Croydon Purley Way.

This whole experience helped me broaden my horizons and I developed a great passion for marketing and the rest as they say is history - I am now the Commercial and Marketing Executive at The Gym Groups Head office.

My 12-month plan didn’t really come off and I have still not made it back to my home country; however 7 years later I am the happiest with my career I’ve ever been!


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Stephen Donald – General Manager

‘Loving Every Minute . . .’

  • Joined The Gym as a Personal Trainer at the Start of 2011 and was attracted by the unique model and flexibility of the role
  • After 3 very successful years as a PT delivering over 30 sessions per week and working with a great management team, I wanted to become a manager to help shape and influence a club of my own
  • I therefore became an Assistant General Manager of a brand-new club and earned a place on the very first Emerging Talent development programme
  • My hard work paid off when I was offered the General Manager role at Glasgow City
  • Because one club wasn’t enough - I am now a Dual Site General Manager leading a team of over 25 employees, loving every minute of it and excited to see what the next few years has in store with The Gym.

Scott Mckenzie – General Manager

‘Best move I ever Made . . . ’

  • My career at The Gym Group started out as a newly qualified Personal Trainer in the Glasgow South club where I helped with the opening - touring members, taking inductions and some simple marketing
  • I built a successful PT business really quickly and within 2 years progressed to Assistant General Manager
  • I was then promoted to General Manager and was given my very own club at Glasgow Quay where I have now been for a number of years
  • Soon I will be taking charge of my first club opening as a GM when I open the new gym on Vinicombe Street which I'm super excited about. I have loved my time working at The Gym Group it has been the best move I ever made.

Sam Fossey – Assistant General Manager

‘Couldn’t be Happier . . .’

  • I started working for The Gym as a personal trainer at the Rotherham gym. It was my first time in the industry properly and I didn't have a clue, I was happy to get my first client which was the only 1 I had for about 2 months!
  • I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong or honestly how to set up a personal training business, but I succeeded after getting help and advice from my current management team
  • I then realised that my long-term goal was to become a manger to help others reach their business goals
  • After around 6 months I moved to the Barnsley gym where my PT career really kicked off! I set up a business plan, prices, strategies all to make sure it worked, and it did!
  • I still had my long-term career plan in mind and knew I still wanted to move in to management within the company that had helped me progress so much
  • So – now, here I am! Assistant General Manager at the gym group Sheffield the moor and I couldn't be happier!

Jenni Tardiff – Senior General Manager

‘Why not - Let’s give it a go . . .’

  • I started working in the fitness industry at the age of 19 when I was a receptionist in a health club. I quickly realised that I wanted to be the one teaching the classes and not the person booking them, so I started my training to become an instructor
  • I got a job as a fitness instructor, then moved into fitness manager, then a group fitness coordinator and freelancer
  • The Gym Group were opening their first Scottish site, so I applied for the Assistant General Manager role and was successful!
  • 10 months into my role I left to have my first son, I returned to work 10 months later. My current General Manager was promoted to Regional Manager, so I thought – let’s give it a go . . . I applied for his position and was successful
  • I then went off to have my second son and returned to work 9 months later. Most recently a new role was introduced – Senior General Manager, which I went for and got it! I now assist the Regional Manager in supporting the region and love it!

Luke Taylor – Senior General Manager

‘Allowed me to Develop Myself . . .’

  • I started at The Gym as a Personal Trainer when Plymouth originally opened 8.5 years ago
  • Since then The Gym has been a place that has allowed me to develop myself in all areas from a personal aspect right through to running my own business
  • I had the opportunity to take up the Assistant General Manager role to cover maternity leave whilst in Plymouth, so I jumped at it!
  • 6 different sites later I am now a Senior General Manager where I support multiple sites within my region as well as my home club
  • The Gym has allowed me the freedom and venture to flourish within my sites as well as the ability to make an impact in the local community which is important to me.