Step up to The Gym Chelmsford’s new challenge

Are you a Chelmsford local? Fancy getting fit, winning prizes or even contributing to a hugely worthy local good cause?

We’ve run quite a few fitness challenges at The Gym Chelmsford since we opened, and more and more members get involved every time. February sees a new challenge designed to burn off masses of calories and raise awareness of a good cause.

One of the The Gym Chelmsford’s personal trainers, Joe Gallimore (pictured), will be climbing Ben Nevis in May. He’s raising money for local charity The J’s Hospice, which provides vitally important care and support for young adults in Essex with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions.

We’re not expecting our members to nip up a mountain during freezing February; instead, we want you to write down the total number of steps you complete on the stepper machine at The Gym every time you work out this month.

Our goal is that our members collectively climb the 1,344 vertical metres it takes to reach the summit of Ben Nevis as many times as possible. That’s 4,050 steps on our steppers for each successful mountain ascent. Taking part will do wonders for your core muscles and tone up calves, thighs and backsides and eat up a lot of calories on the way.

That’s not all though; we’ll also be offering random, on-the-spot prizes to people taking part, and giving special prizes to our best climbers!

You don’t even have to be a member at The Gym to take part. We want as many people to help us as possible. All you need is a one-day free Gym membership to join in. Just text “Gym Pass Chelmsford” to 81025 for a FREE day pass.

And if you’d like to donate some money to The J’s Hospice by sponsoring Joe’s climb, please visit his my-donate page.

So stretch out those legs and join our February challenge, and don’t forget to encourage friends and family to get their free day passes and join up for the day!


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