Press Release: Survey Reveals thirty something are healthiest age group

Brits are fittest and healthiest in their thirties. A new survey, commissioned by The Gym Group, shows that people in their thirties, are more likely to participate in regular exercise, be members of gyms and sports clubs, plus eat a healthier diet than their counterparts in their twenties.

People aged 30-39 rate themselves as fit and spend more time exercising than people in their twenties. Thirty somethings also said that, looking back, they were at their least fit in their twenties, blaming a diet of junk food and high levels of alcohol consumption.

People aged 30-39 exercise more frequently than any other age group with almost half (47 percent) participating in some form of physical activity 3 times a week. Those aged 18-29 are the group most likely to shun exercise all together.

When it comes to diet, people in their twenties also lead the least healthy lifestyle. 24 percent of this age group confess to eating 2 takeaways per week, with a shocking 28 per cent also admitting they do not eat a single vegetable or piece of fruit in an average week.

Under thirties also confess to consuming the highest levels of alcohol, with 23 per cent admitting to 6-10 alcoholic drinks per week.

So why do habits change when people hit their thirties? John Treharne, CEO at The Gym, says: “It certainly seems that once people hit their thirties they have a health and fitness wake up call. As middle age approaches, people start to think more about mortality. Add this to the need to care for a young family and suddenly taking personal care of oneself seems all the more important.”

The survey results support Treharne’s theory with almost a third of those questioned citing starting a family as the main catalyst for their lifestyle changes.

There is also a common misconception that getting fit is an expensive business. 42 per cent of people surveyed stated that this was the reason they did not join a gym. Treharne adds: “The Gym offers full

monthly membership for less than £16 without any contractual ties. Getting in shape has never been more affordable so there is no excuse for not making that lifestyle change for a fitter future.”

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  • The survey, conducted by OnePoll, questioned 2,000 people from across the UK


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