Open days and discount joining fee at The Gym Luton

We’re giving away free day passes at The Gym Luton from Friday 18 Oct till midnight Tuesday 22 October. If you already have a Gym membership, perhaps you’re wondering how this could possibly benefit you.

Because training sessions love company. Not only can you give a friend or family member a free taster day at The Gym by signing up for a free day pass, but you could pick up a new training partner for life with a 50% joining fee discount if they join!

Lots of our members tell us that training with a partner makes them get to The Gym even if they’re not in the mood, makes the time go faster, all the hard work seem easier and the whole training session more fun.

It’s a simple principle: training in pairs makes the toughest workout easier.

So tell your friends. All they need to do is visit the day pass page on our website and sign-up to a free day pass at The Gym Luton.

Like The Gym? Interested in joining - save 50% off the joining fee if you join now

See you all at The Gym soon.


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