Fit tip: Wellness at work

The Gym fit tip - Wellness at work


Research has shown that 32% of people spend up to 10 hours sitting down each day - with 50% not even leaving their desks at lunchtime. Sitting hunched over a computer all day long can leave you feeling stiff, immobile and tired. However, by taking responsibility for your fitness and focusing on good nutrition in the workplace you can help offset the worst effects of being deskbound.


Make an effort to get up every so often from your desk and walk around. Stretch your neck and back whilst retracting your shoulders with out stretched arms as though you are basking in the sun; this will relieve pent up tension and help mobilise your muscles and joints. To work your chest and shoulders without even leaving your chair try placing both hands on your chair arms and slowly lift yourself off the seat. Lower yourself back down but stop short of the seat and hold for a few seconds. It all helps increase your daily activity levels.


Intake of stimulants (such as caffeine and alcohol) will make you feel more alert in the short term but actually raise levels of blood sugar and stress hormones. Try calming herbal teas such as chamomile, valerian, lavender or lemon balm for a natural mood-boosting alternative that will help you get through the working day.

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