Fit tip: Tired Of being tired

The Gym fit tip - Tired of being tired?


Fatigue is a common reason for opting for a night on the sofa over a gruelling exercise or sports session. However, you might be surprised to learn that one of the best ways to boost energy is to work out more, rather than do less. Even if your brain feels tired, your body is always ready for exercise.


It's important that you feel muscular fatigue during and immediately following your workouts, as this is an indication that you're providing enough stress to stimulate growth. However, it's essential that you allow your muscles enough time in between training sessions to maximize the benefits. Your muscles require 48 to 72 hours of rest in between training sessions, so always ensure you alternate upper and lower body workouts to get the best results.


Regardless of what energy-producing exercise you choose, you can get more out of your workout by eating a nutritious piece of fruit just before you start. This allows for energy to be broken down and nutrients to quickly enter your bloodstream, preparing the body for work. The end result is that you have more oomph while you're working out as well as more energy afterwards.

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