Fit tip - The power of plyometrics

The Gym fit tip - The power of plyometrics


Speed and strength are integral components of sporting performance and together they result in power. Plyometric exercises utilise explosive, fast-acting movements to help you develop muscular power whilst improving speed, allowing your body to exert maximum force in the shortest amount of time possible.


A variety of drills can be used to make upper body exercises more explosive, and performing press-ups with a hand clap in between is a particularly vigorous method of conditioning the arms and chest. To work your lower body the plyometric way, try bounding; simply running using over-sized strides. You should always keep your time in contact with the ground to a minimum to get the best plyometric training effect.


To help power your workout, try a banana as a pre-training snack. Bananas are a very quickly digestible form of carbohydrate (providing you with the boost of energy you need for an intense workout) and are also packed with potassium, which helps maintain healthy nerve and muscle function.

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