Fit Tip: dangers of detox

The Gym fit tip - The dangers of detox


Thinking of embarking on a detox diet to boost your health and aid weight loss? Before you do, it’s time to cleanse you of the concept that we need to be periodically detoxified. Strict diets might claim to rid your system of toxins, but your body already does that job for you; working to break down what goes in, absorb the good and excrete the not so good.


The skin is the body’s largest organ and plays a large part in helping the body stay healthy, through perspiration. Working up a sweat helps your internal organs stay cool by lowering your overall body temperature and aids with the removal of toxins from the body through the skin. So if you want a quick 'detox' fix, try sweating it out at the gym.


Restricting your food consumption limits intake of energy and important nutrients needed for good health, which can cause unhealthy side effects such as headaches, dizziness and low energy. If you want to achieve optimal results then the best approach is a balanced diet containing a variety of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables, plenty of whole grains, lean meat and fish (or vegetarian alternatives) and low-fat dairy products.

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