Fit Tip: Swap It

The Gym Fit Tip - Swap It


Are you tired of working hard and not seeing results? Tempted to throw in the towel? Instead of giving up, try making just a few subtle tweaks to your existing regime. These simple swaps are easy to do but will deliver great results if you keep at it.


Try swapping lengthy cardio sessions for high intensity interval training, a method involving short bouts of high intensity exercise (or sprints) intermittently, accompanied by short periods of recovery. This will create a heightened degree of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which revs up your metabolism for many hours afterwards. And you won't need to spend any longer in the gym to achieve it!


Swap sugary cereals (such as cornflakes, rice cereals and anything chocolate-based or honey-covered) for fibre-rich wholegrain alternatives such as porridge, low-sugar muesli or Shredded Wheat with a sprinkle of nuts and fresh fruit. Highly-refined breakfasts lead to sharp rises in blood sugar, followed by an energy slump soon afterwards. By swapping to more nutritious alternatives you'll feel more energetic and will perform better.

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