Fit Tip: Sugar Rush

The Gym Fit Tip - Sugar Rush


"Intrinsic" sugars are found in natural foods such as fruit and vegetables, whereas "extrinsic" sugars are added to refined foods such as sweets, cakes and biscuits. The former count towards our daily carbohydrate needs, keeping us healthy and fit. However, the latter don't contain the same nutrients and should therefore be kept to a minimum.


Scientists have found that a single weight-training session can reduce the effect of a high-sugar meal on blood sugar levels for more than 12 hours following a workout. A combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training three to four times a week can help you to achieve a healthier blood sugar balance and really feel the benefits.


Going for long periods between meals can make you feel tired, shaky and more susceptible to opting for sugary foods or drinks to provide a quick energy boost. By eating smaller, protein-rich meals or snacks more regularly you’ll feel stable, satisfied and won’t crave as much sugar.

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