Fit Tip: Shake Things Up

The Gym Fit Tip - Shake Things Up


Have you been following the same workout routine ever since you joined the gym? Are you always eating the same unexciting foods in your quest to feel healthy? If you’re stuck in a rut and not sure how to move on, use these quick tips to shake up your routine and re-motivate yourself. It might be just the boost you need.


If your normal routine consists of 30 minutes cardio at a relatively steady pace, you may find yourself hitting the dreaded fitness plateau (as well as getting bored). Give your routine a makeover by incorporating interval training into your workout. Studies suggest that alternating bursts of higher and lower intensity cardio can improve overall fitness and burn more calories, as well as providing a more interesting challenge.


If you examine your diet, you may find that you reach for the same old produce over and over. There’s a whole world of fruits and vegetables out there that you may not have tried, so why not skip the usual suspects and try something new. Eating a wider variety not only excites your taste buds but also increases your chances of obtaining necessary nutrients that are vital to good health.

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