Fit Tip: Running On Empty?

The Gym Fit Tip - Running On Empty?


Whether on a treadmill or out in the elements, running is a sure-fire way to improve your fitness; and the more you run, the more fuel your body requires. By making just a few tweaks to your normal balanced diet you'll run and recover faster, plus you'll feel more energised. Read on to find out more.


Carbohydrate-rich foods are converted into glucose and are the optimum runner's fuel. However, different carbohydrates serve different training purposes. Two to three hours before you set off you should focus on low to medium-GI carbs, as these release their energy gradually. Higher-GI carbs are more rapidly released and should be limited to immediately before exercise (to boost energy) or after exercise (for recovery and to replenish tired muscles).


So what are the best sources of carbohydrates as a runner? Try the following suggestions:

  • Medium GI carbs: Aim for wholegrain bread, oats, brown rice, polenta, wholewheat pasta, lentils and pulses and vegetables (such as sweet potatoes and butternut squash) for slow-release energy
  • High GI carbs: Ideal choices are fruit, flapjacks, energy bars or sports drinks (try making your own using 250ml unsweetened fruit juice, 250ml water and 1/5 teaspoon of salt)
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