Fit Tip: Push Yourself Further

The Gym Fit Tip - Push Yourself Further


As you proceed with your fitness programme, it is imperative to keep increasing the overall intensity of your sessions. By continually pushing the body in different ways you will drive it to become stronger, faster, and leaner.


One way to quickly increase the intensity of your workout is with non-competing supersets. These are back-to-back exercises which don’t work the same muscles; meaning that while one muscle group is working, the others are resting. Try alternating a pushing exercise with a pulling exercise, or an upper body movement rapidly followed by a lower body movement to really get your heart rate going.


To start an intense training session without thinking about what you put inside your body will put you at an increased risk of injury and illness. Be sure to wait several hours before training after eating a large meal to allow the food to digest and your stomach to settle. Keep your fluid levels topped up and always have a water bottle to hand. Your body will thank you for it.

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