Fit Tip: Myth vs. Reality

The Gym Fit Tip - Myth vs Reality


We all have certain ideas about good nutrition and fitness - but how do we separate the myths from reality? There is a lot of misleading information out there which can leave you feeling confused and even further from achieving your goals. These tips may help dispel a couple of diet and exercise fables which could be holding you back.


It's time to banish the idea that muscle weighs more than fat; the truth is that a pound of muscle and a pound of fat will weigh exactly the same, but differ in density. This means if you look at five pounds of muscle and five pounds of fat side by side, the fat takes up more space than the muscle. People who do regular exercise to build muscle therefore look smaller and more toned than their inactive counterparts.


A commonly touted rule is that it's detrimental to eat late at night. However, research shows that weight loss is less about when you eat and more about how much you eat. Our metabolism works at the same rate no matter how you time your meals, meaning a calorie consumed at 9pm is handled no differently to one consumed at 9am. Furthermore, delaying dinner has one undisputed advantage; it helps eliminate late-night snacking, one of the worst diet saboteurs.

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