Fit Tip: Make The Best Of It

The Gym Fit Tip - Make The Best Of It


Why do approximately 60-70% of people who join a gym stop training regularly after the first 3 months? The answer in many cases is a lack of productivity, which leads to disappointing results. By making your workout as productive as possible you'll make better progress and be more motivated to keep at it.


If you don’t warm up before each gym session you not only run the risk of injury, but you also make your workouts less effective as your muscles aren’t ready for the exercise. Always spend a bit of time stretching or doing light cardio before your workout so that you can jump straight into the right intensity.


During a heavy workout you lose a lot of water through perspiration, which can make you feel weak, light headed, dizzy or nauseous. To ensure that you remain focused and productive always drink enough clear fluids to hydrate yourself before, during and after your workouts or sporting events.

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