Fit Tip: How to Break Bad Habits

The Gym Fit Tip - How To Break Bad Habits


When trying to lose weight, it can be difficult to let go of certain patterns of behaviour. By acknowledging which bad habits may currently be hindering your progress (such as having 2 sugars in your tea or routinely making excuses to get out of going to the gym), you can then begin to work on breaking them. Focus on just one habit at a time and you’re more likely to achieve sustainable results.


Don’t leave your healthy lifestyle commitments in your brain; write them down and place them somewhere prominent. Committing your goals and proposed exercise plans to print will help clarify exactly what you desire and how you intend to achieve it. It will also motivate you to keep it up; it's easy to dismiss a mere thought, but much harder to ignore a promise that's written right there in front of you.


It is a little known fact that certain foods can be as addictive as drugs or alcohol; the same dysfunctions in the part of the brain involved in pleasure and self-control are seen in both food and drug addictions. By avoiding sugary, refined foods and opting for more natural, wholesome alternatives you will be better equipped to break the cycle of unhealthy eating and gain greater control over your food choices.

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