Fit Tip: Get Fit, Feel Great

The Gym Fit Tip - Get Fit, Feel Great


Never lose sight of the inherent fun factor of exercise; if it feels like a chore, you’ll treat it like one. To put the enjoyment back into healthy living, try an energetic ball game with your children, your dog or a group of friends. You may find yourself getting so carried along with their energy and enthusiasm that you’ll not even notice getting fit at the same time.


However you choose to exercise, remember to take the time to feel good about having completed a workout. By keeping active you are allowing yourself to live a fuller, happier, healthier quality of life. Never be afraid to congratulate yourself for it!


In order to keep your energy and mood steady, your blood sugar levels needs to be kept at a consistent level throughout the day. To help achieve this you should never leave long gaps between meals, always choose brown instead of white when eating rice, bread or pasta and always include some form of protein with each meal or snack.

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