Fit tip: Double up

The Gym fit tip - Double up


Combination exercises will help to enhance your sports training, allowing you to increase the intensity of your workout without spending longer in the gym. Not only that, but compound movements are often more functional, working your body the way it actually moves on a daily basis.


Here are just a few compound moves to incorporate into your workouts:

  • Squats with an overhead press
  • Lunge with bicep curl or lateral raise
  • Deadlifts with a bent over row
  • Kickbacks with one leg extended at hip-level.


Did you know that certain food combinations actually work together to boost each other’s benefits? For good food synergy combine iron-rich foods with a source of Vitamin C to increase absorption. Try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon to a spinach salad or sliced strawberries to fortified breakfast cereals.

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