Fit Tip: Challenge Yourself

The Gym fit tip - Challenge yourself


The body is an amazing machine, capable of great adaptation if a gradual, consistent training load is applied. However, if the same training stimuli are provided day after day, the adaptations by the body will gradually reduce. The key to getting the most out of your training is therefore to challenge yourself.


Part of the enjoyment of going to the gym is the way it allows you to gradually improve your fitness. Adding new exercises to your existing routine will prolong this and provide you with many new ways to develop. By performing different types of training at different intensities, your body will continue to adjust; growing stronger and faster.


When selecting your daily servings of fruit and vegetables, it’s important to vary what you choose. The colour of fresh produce represents its specific nutritional content, so whilst green vegetables typically contain chlorophyll, folate and calcium, orange fruits are often high in beta-carotene and vitamin C. So when you eat, think in colours – the more variety you include in each meal, the more nutrients you’ll get.

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