Fit tip: Breakfast like a champion

The Gym fit tip - Breakfast like a champion


Breakfast is an incredibly important meal. Not only does it help your metabolic and energy-producing processes swing into action after a night's rest, but research suggests that those who eat a good, healthy breakfast experience superior mental and physical performance throughout the day.


Whilst it's very important to eat something after you wake, try not to overdo it if you're heading to the gym early in the morning. Eating too much can slow you down by shunting your energy into digestion, so it's best to eat something light before you go and then enjoy a more substantial breakfast upon your return.


Your breakfast should ideally contain around 2 parts carbohydrate to 1 part protein, making scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast an ideal choice. Not only does this combination assist with glycogen recovery and muscle repair but research has found that eating eggs for breakfast keeps you fuller and more energised than other choices containing similar amounts of calories (including cornflakes, toast or croissants).

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