Fit Tip: Break The Fast

The Gym fit tip - Break the fast


Upon waking up in the morning, it is likely to have been at least eight hours since your last meal. Your body therefore needs to refuel its blood sugar levels and help regain the energy lost during such a lengthy overnight fast. The very best way to revitalise your body is with a filling and nutritious breakfast, helping you to meet the demands of the hours ahead and keep you full until your next meal.


Exercise is valuable at any time of day. However, early morning exercise has the edge as it provides a feeling of physical energy and mental alertness that will last all day long. A morning workout also forces your body to use up stored fat cells as energy rather than carbohydrates consumed over the course of the day, meaning you can burn up to three times more fat. Which must be worth getting up early for!


A balanced breakfast should include foods from each of the food groups, with an emphasis on wholesome foods that are metabolised slowly to help avoid blood sugar fluctuations mid morning. With this in mind, a cooked breakfast can be just as good as toast or cereal; try lean bacon with scrambled eggs or low sugar/salt baked beans, plus plenty of grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.

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