Fit tip: Break bad habits

The Gym fit tip - Break bad habits


When trying to get fit and strong, there are certain patterns of behaviour which may wreck your training and leave you injury prone and underdeveloped. Breaking bad habits is hard, but recognising them and putting a stop to them is the only way you’ll get results. Check out these tips to see if you might be undermining your exercise programme.


We all like to do things that we do well; the sense of accomplishment and pride after a job well-done can be a great ego boost. However, overlooking the least desirable parts of your anatomy and only training your favourites will leave your physique looking - and feeling - unbalanced. Concentrate on working your whole body rather than just isolated areas and always work opposing muscles, not just the ones you see when you look in the mirror.


Whilst it would be foolish to eat a huge meal immediately before your strength workout, entering the gym on a completely empty stomach is just as irrational. A too-low blood-sugar level will add up to an uninspired workout due to a lack of energy, and your hunger pangs may hinder your resolve to complete your session (or lead to overeating later). To keep your body energised and ready to hit the gym, try to eat five smaller meals spaced equally during the day.

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