Fit tip: Balancing hormones

The Gym fit tip - Balancing hormones

We hope this Fit Tip will help assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals at The Gym.


Hormones are powerful regulators of every function in your body, playing a major role in energy levels, sleep patterns, mood, metabolism and sex drive. Optimum health occurs when all of the various hormones in the body are produced in adequate amounts and are well balanced.



Human growth hormone (HGH) is involved in the turnover of muscle tissue, the remodelling of bone and collagen tissues and the regulation of metabolism. However, as people get older they tend to make less HGH, resulting in less muscle and higher body fat. Resistance training is one of the best ways to induce growth hormone release, so try swapping a couple of your cardio sessions for some weight lifting to help give things a boost.


Insulin is hormone that is crucial to life in controlled amounts, but detrimental in excess due to its role in fat storage. By decreasing the amount of refined sugars contained in your diet you will limit the amount of insulin released by the pancreas each time you eat, meaning you can help balance your energy levels and have greater control over weight management.


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