Fit tip: Are you being distracted?

The Gym fit tip - Are you being distracted?


When you're training to get fit and relieve stress, everything you do will either take you one step closer to your goal or one step further away. Each decision you make should therefore be a calculated choice that weighs pros and cons in the context of your objectives. You can start by reviewing (and removing) any negative distractions.


A training partner can be a great addition to a fitness programme – but they can also serve as a real distraction. If they're late for training, get too chatty between exercises or make you feel bad about your fitness levels then it might be best to start going it alone. It's important to ensure that you only surround yourself with positive influences if you want to stay motivated and get the very best from your routine.


Distractions often cause people to lose track of what they are consuming. Snacking on crisps and dips in front of the TV, munching on sweets or popcorn at the cinema, taste-testing while you are cooking... it alls add up to extra calories that you can easily lose track of. Practice being mindful with your eating and you will find you have a lot more control over your daily food intake.