Fit tip: All about oil

The Gym fit tip - All about oil


We all know that olive oil is good for us - but do you know why? The beneficial health effects of olive oil are largely due to its high monounsaturated fat content, most notably oleic acid (a source of omega 9 fatty acids). These heart-healthy fats offer protection against heart disease by potentially helping to reduce blood pressure, modulate cholesterol levels and strengthen blood vessels.


Oleocanthal is the compound responsible for the slightly peppery "bite" of extra virgin olive oil. It is thought to possess anti-inflammatory properties similar to the pain reliever ibuprofen, meaning that regular consumption may help to reduce post-workout aches and pains without having to reach for the medicine cabinet.


Olive oil is one of the most stable fats, meaning it stands up well to high temperatures. Try roasting a selection of colourful mixed vegetables (such as onion, peppers, sweet potato, tomato and butternut squash) plus cubed halloumi cheese in a light spray of olive oil for a nutritious lunch or side dish. The mix of protein and carbs is ideal following a tough workout!