Exclusive student discounts at The Gym

Exclusive student discounts at The Gym

Are you heading off to uni this month?

The summer holidays are almost over. The whirlwind of university life is about to start. Lectures, tutorials and assignments vie for your attention with societies, live music and cheap drink at the student union bar. Our special student discount is open to everyone with a valid ac.uk university email address – whether you’re a fresher or beginning the long countdown to your finals.

So you can stay healthy and fit without breaking the bank. You can burn off the calories from cheap drinks and dodgy takeaways without burning a hole in your pocket. You can celebrate completing a last-minute all-nighter and clear your head on the treadmill at 4am if you want.

That’s the whole point of The Gym: it suits your lifestyle, no matter how random, and it suits your budget, no matter how limited. We’re open 24/7, so we’re always here. Clear your head, de-stress, flood your system with endorphins and overcome that hangover.

All for an astonishingly low price.

Our standard Gym offer starts from £10.99 a month. That’s cheap gym membership by any standard – let alone for 24/7 access, free fitness classes and 170+ machines and free weights.

This year we’re offering every university student a discount. A chance to save even more money – right now, while the student loan is fresh.

We’re taking a bit of the pain out of budgeting. Join The Gym now and pay for the whole academic year up front – that’s ten months’ membership – and you could save up to 30%!

Find out just how cheap your nearest university Gym is here.

Don’t forget: you need to join The Gym with a valid ac.uk email address to get your automatic discount on student membership.

This offer ends 31 October 2014 – so don’t delay. Claim your cheap Gym membership now

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