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The Gym London Colindale



The Gym London Colindale - Tel: 0330 055 3942

Zenith House, Colindale, Colindale, NW9 6DB


The Gym London Colindale

Zenith House
Tel: 0330 055 3942

Opening: July 2014
  • £10.99 a month
  • No contract
  • Open 24/7

94% of members love using the gym  Correct as of Mar 2014

"I'm really glad I joined; it's a fun, no-pressure environment to get healthy"

Only £10.99 a month

Hurry... limited offer only £10.99 a month. Join before we open to secure this price! Pay only £10.99 now, then nothing more until 30 days after the gym opens! *£20 joining fee may also apply depending on site.

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We've made health and fitness accessible to everyone!

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  • Low cost membership
  • No contract
  • High tech equipment

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